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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Left Alone

I discovered these guys at the Rock Star Journalist blog (to which you'll find a link conveniently located in the list to your right). If you like Rancid, you'll like Left Alone. They are clearly influenced by the CA ska-punkers, and recently signed with Hellcat Records (which was co-founded by Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong). While ska and punk play large roles in their music, Left Alone also brings in country, Tex-Mex, rockabilly, and reggae. And they move easily between punk screamers and more melodic, introspective numbers (a trait I’ve always had a weakness for).

All of the songs below are from this year’s Dead American Radio disc. “City to City” was written by and features Tim Armstrong, and “La Pregunta” is a duet with Patricia Day of the Horropops (see my H-pops entry here). “Waiting for You” slows it down a bit, while “Dead American Radio” rocks and rages against the money-grubbing suits who control our airwaves.

This is a great disc – one of my faves of 2006. If you like what you hear here, I strongly urge you not to leave Left Alone alone. Buy the whole disc via the link below.

From Dead American Radio:
[MP3] Left Alone – “City to City” (featuring Tim Armstrong) EXPIRED
[MP3] Left Alone – “La Pregunta” (featuring Patricia Day) EXPIRED
[MP3] Left Alone – “Waiting for You” EXPIRED
[MP3] Left Alone – “Dead American Radio” EXPIRED

Buy Dead American Radio


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