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Monday, August 21, 2006

Pointed Sticks

Here’s yet another of my eMusic discoveries: the Pointed Sticks.

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And now, back to the Pointed Sticks. These guys were a late 70s/early 80s Canadian band that produced a poppy New Wave sound mildly reminiscent of Squeeze. Nothing they did altered the history of rock ‘n’ roll. However, their music possesses a cool catchiness that sends you right back to 1981 when the combination of skinny leather ties, ultra-tight pants, and Converse high-tops was presumed by many young males to be the essence of hip. Some even donned funky-colored socks, although I myself felt that was going a step too far.

While I downloaded the second and third songs below from eMusic, the first one – “Lies” – hails from the highly recommend blog Killed By Death Records. If you’ve never gone to this site, you should. In fact, you can just click here. They post loads of old 7-inchers in MP3 format. (Sorry, another commercial endorsement).

From Lies 7”:
[MP3] Pointed Sticks – Lies EXPIRED
From Out of Luck EP:
[MP3] Pointed Sticks – What Do You Want Me to Do? EXPIRED
From Perfect Youth LP:
[MP3] Pointed Sticks – Marching Song EXPIRED

Buy Pointed Sticks (though you should get ‘em at eMusic!)


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