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Friday, August 11, 2006

Tommy Stinson

I just learned that Tommy Stinson – the former Replacements bassist who was too young (13) when the band started to play shows where liquor was served – has been playing bass for Soul Asylum (he's on the left in the photo above from a recent Soul Asylum show). Apparently, he appears on their new album, the Silver Lining. This is in addition to his long-time stint as bassist for Guns N Roses.

What the hell – if Tommy’s gonna be the bassist for old, has-been bands, why not the Replacements? I’ve heard that he’s been shunning Westerberg’s overtures to get the Mats back together for a tour and to record a new disc.

Come on, Tommy. Be a Replacement – not a replacement!

In other Replacements news, a new tribute disc is due out soon, We'll Inherit the Earth. Here’s a track list:

1. The Ergs - I'm in Trouble
2. Hi Ho Six Shooter - If Only You Were Lonely
3. Basement Black - Raised in the City
4. Drunken Boat - Kids Don't Follow
5. Off With Their Heads - Goddamn Job
6. Blotto - Color Me Impressed
7. Modern Machines - Mr. Whirly
8. Bay of Pigs - Favorite Thing
9. The Tim Version - Nowhere Is My Home
10. The Queers - Unsatisfied
11. Tiltwheel - Skyway
12. Whiskey Sunday - Can't Hardly Wait
13. North Lincoln - On The Bus
14. The Obsoletes - Waitress In The Sky
15. Against Me! - Bastards of Young (I really want to hear this)
16. J. Page - Left of the Dial
17. The Draft - Little Mascara
18. Thomas Barnett & Rob Huddleston - Here Comes a Regular
19. Jason White - Torture
20. The Urchin - Rock'n'Roll Ghost
21. This is My Fist - Beer For Breakfast
22. Drag The River - Portland
23. Almighty Do Me a Favor - Treatment Bound

You can order the disc here.

Now, back to Tommy. In addition to his bass work for Guns N Roses and Soul Asylum, he’s formed two bands of his own since his Replacements days – Bash & Pop and Perfect – and has also recorded a solo disc. Of all the post-Mats work by the various members, Tommy’s is the rockingest and most Mats-like. Tommy’s vocal limitations aside, his discs are well worth some ear. Here’s a sampling:

By Bash & Pop:
[MP3] Friday Night (Is Killing Me)
[MP3] Loose Ends

By Perfect:
[MP3] Little Drum
[MP3] Making of an Asshole

By Tommy Stinson:
[MP3] Motivation
[MP3] Moment Too Soon

Buy Tommy Stinson discs
Visit Tommy’s website


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