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Friday, July 21, 2006

Songs that sizzle, CDs that fizzle

This is sorta like One Hit Wonders – if I were the only person on the planet listening to music. “Songs that sizzle, CDs that fizzle” represents those times when I heard a song by a band and dug it so much that I rushed out to get their CD – only to find that I undug everything else on the disc.

My earliest sizzle/fizzle memory – and I’m sure I’ll take some heat for this – centers on the Smiths. Back in the 80s, I was big fan of the Jam, and when I heard “This Charming Man” on a Detroit alt rock station, I was certain I had unearthed a worthy successor to those fiery mod rockers. But when I picked up the Smiths’ debut disc–––––ugh. Too gloomy. Too downbeat. Too artsy. I was left with one song that sizzled and a whole CD that fizzled.

This has even happened with my beloved Replacements. I remember Don’t Tell a Soul meeting with critical disparagement before its release in 1989. But when I heard “Talent Show,” I thought the critics were loopy. Then I popped the disc into my player and–––––ugh redux.

So here’s some sizzles that led to fizzles. If your musical tastes run similar to mine, I’ll hopefully save you a few ughs. But listen at your own risk. There’s always the chance that these will lead you to rush out and squander a month of lunch money on the CDs.

[MP3] The Replacements – Talent Show
[MP3] The Smiths – This Charming Man
[MP3] Anti-Flag – Turncoat
[MP3] Avoid One Thing – Yakishoba
[MP3] Concrete Blonde – Joey
[MP3] Dresden Dolls – Coin-Operated Boy
[MP3] Group Sounds – Things Fall Apart
[MP3] Happy Bullets – Vice and Virtue Ministry
[MP3] The Hong Kong – Mazerati
[MP3] Jilted John – Jilted John
[MP3] Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict a Riot
[MP3] Madcap – Lovesick
[MP3] Morticia’s Lovers – Smash the Radio


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