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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Horror and serendipity are two terms that rarely find themselves together, though this is the case with the Horrorpops. I knew nothing about these Denmark-based rockers when I stumbled upon them on eMusic’s list of “Recent Arrivals.” Their name and the cover of their 2005 Bring It On! disc (pictured above) lured me to downloading – and this resulted in one of those not-so-frequent instances when you take a musical chance and it pays off.

Led by vocalist Patricia Day, the Horrorpops play a fired-up, rockabilly punk. Their live shows are supposed to be amazing, with Patricia slapping away at her standing bass and go-go dancers teasing and tantalizing the crowd (there’s a link below to their videos where you can see the band in action).

I’ve posted three from Bring It On!: “Freaks in Uniforms” (check out the go-go girl backups singing H-O-R-R-O-R-P-O-P) and “Caught in a Blond” are two rockers, while the daffy, dancey “Walk Like a Zombie” should be a staple at every Halloween party.

So if you haven’t heard the Horrorpops, give them a try. Maybe horror and serendipity will come together for you as well.

[MP3] Horrorpops – Freaks in Uniforms
[MP3] Horrorpops – Caught in a Blond
[MP3] Horrorpops – Walk Like a Zombie

Buy Bring It On!
Check out videos at the Horrorpops site


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