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Monday, July 10, 2006

XTC/Dogs Die in Hot Cars

There was a stretch in the very early 80s when XTC was my favorite band. I loved their combination of biting lyrics and bouncy, Beatlesque punk/pop. I recall as a senior in high school going with my father to a weekend convention where one of the youth activities was a design-your-own-T-shirt contest. Despite my certainty that no one within 5,000 miles of the convention would know who or what XTC is (a drug? a blue movie? a sex stimulant?), I set out to capture XTC’s Drums and Wires album (pictured above) on my shirt. As I carefully put the final brushstrokes on my masterpiece, I glanced over at the neighboring table and – !!! – there was some kid painting Drums and Wires on his shirt. An even bigger shocker came later in the evening: The kid’s shirt won.

Recently, I experienced a cheerier and less stunning XTC-related surprise: My discovery of the band Dogs Die in Hot Cars. While you wouldn’t know it from their unfortunate moniker, these guys produce an ear-pleasing sound remarkably similar to XTC. And their lead singer is nearly a vocal clone of XTC’s Andy Partridge. Hear for yourself:

[MP3] XTC – Helicopter
[MP3] Dogs Die in Hot Cars – Godhopping

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