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Friday, August 25, 2006

Songs about the Mats

Even if you’re here strictly to snatch songs and not to read my scintillating prose (that’s only like one or two of you, right?), you’ve likely detected my affinity for the Replacements. Well, it seems my affinity is shared by many who’ve actually taken up instruments and formed bands.

In addition to countless covers of Mats tunes (click here for a recent tribute disc), several groups have written songs about the ramshackle Minneapolis rockers. Indeed, even the Mats have written songs about the Mats (see the two songs below that Paul and Chris penned about deceased guitarist Bob Stinson – as well as the Mats songs “Treatment Bound” and “Someone Take the Wheel” which cover, respectively, the early and late part of their touring years). I’ve even read that the Mats song “Never Mind” inspired the title of Nirvana’s 1991 breakthrough disc. As a final song, I’ve included “Misery” by Green Day because it gives a cameo role to the title character from the Mats tune “Mr. Whirly.”

[MP3] They Might Be Giants – "We’re the Replacements" EXPIRED
[MP3] Tommy Womack – "The Replacements" EXPIRED
[MP3] The Cigarettes – "Paul Westerberg" EXPIRED
[MP3] Paul Westerberg – "Good Day" (his song about Mats guitarist Bob Stinson) EXPIRED
[MP3] Chris Mars – "It’s a Long Life" (Chris’s song about Bob) EXPIRED
[MP3] The Replacements – "Treatment Bound" EXPIRED
[MP3] The Replacements – "Someone Take the Wheel" EXPIRED
[MP3] The Replacements – "Never Mind" (the song that inspired the title of the 1991 Nirvana disc) EXPIRED
[MP3] Green Day – "Misery" EXPIRED


At 8:33 PM, Anonymous bobby said...

i love the mats.

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