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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New Bobby Bare, Jr.

Whoa. Where did this come from?

Over two outstanding albums and an EP, twang-rocker Bobby Bare, Jr. wrapped his world-weary, little-guy-that-couldn’t attitude inside a sorta quiet/sorta lazy stripped-down sound.

Well, on his just-released The Longest Meow, Bobby’s still weary and he’s still the guy who can’t, but little is lazy and even less is quiet.

The Longest Meow rocks – with a bigger sound, beefier guitars, and a much more in-your-face production.

At first, I was unsure but now I’m liking it. See if you agree:

[MP3] Bobby Bare, Jr. – “The Heart Bionic” EXPIRED
[MP3] Bobby Bare, Jr. – “Uh Wuh Oh” EXPIRED
[MP3] Bobby Bare, Jr. – “Gun Show” EXPIRED

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