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"Water all around...never learn how to swim now." This site is devoted to great alternative music. Like "Swingin' Party" by the Replacements from which the aforementioned lyrics hail. These posts are intended to introduce visitors to bands that I believe deserve greater attention. If you wish to have an MP3 removed, email me at zotzedwriter@yahoo.com.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Five fer Friday III

[MP3] The Clash – “The Beautiful People Are Ugly” EXPIRED
Before it became Combat Rock, it was known as Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg – and this is a track that was nixed from the disc when the name changed.

[MP3] Pinhead Gunpowder – “Achin’ to Be”
Billy Joe Armstrong’s side project covers the Mats.

[MP3] The Cult – “She Sells Sanctuary” EXPIRED
The only song I like by the Cult but I like it a whole bunch.

[MP3] The Avengers – “The American in Me” EXPIRED
Early American punk featuring the incomparable shriek of Penelope Houston.

[MP3] The Briefs – “Silver Bullet” EXPIRED
Clearly, the Briefs share my sentiments of Bob Seger.


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