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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mats on SNL

I happened upon this circa-1985 Replacements video and it reminded me of just how great the band was. I saw them in Ann Arbor, MI, during this tour, and that performance remains the best I’ve ever seen (some day when I have more time I’ll write about it).

This is them performing “Bastards of Young” on SNL. Later in the show, they do “Kiss Me on the Bus” – with Tommy, Paul, and Chris swapping each other’s clothes from the “Bastards” performance (guess Bob couldn’t fit into anyone else’s).

And as a little bonus I’m throwing in a link to their “Bastards” video. At the time, Westerberg hated videos so much he refused to do them. The record company, however, had different ideas and forced them to do one. Westerberg’s solution: Film a stereo speaker playing “Bastards of Young.” Classic.

[VIDEO] Mats performing "Bastards of Young" on SNL

[VIDEO] “Bastards of Young”


At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Ruth said...

I saw that show in A2 also...Joe's Star Lounge, right?
I'd love a video of that...have you ever seen one?


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