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Monday, October 02, 2006

Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins

What a delightfully wacky record. Jenny Lewis (whom I knew nothing of before stumbling upon her disc at the local library this past Saturday) offers a loopy look at the world through comic-tragic tales that leave you wondering whether to laugh or cry. Each of Lewis’s tales is brought to musical life by a kinda gospelly/kinda country indie pop and backed by the choir-like chorus of the beautifully voiced Watson twins.

Know what? I’m gonna make a quick trip to the All-Music Guide to see what I can find out about this Lewis lassie.

Okay. Back. It appears Lewis is the lead singer/songwriter for Rilo Kiley, an indie-pop outfit with three fairly well-received records to their name. This disc is Lewis’s first solo effort. They say and I quote, “Born in Las Vegas in early 1977, singer/songwriter Jenny Lewis is one of indie rock's treasured saints. Lewis' talent is a near match for classics such as Loretta Lynn and Petula Clark as well as contemporaries like Neko Case.” They then go on to give the disc a mere three and a half stars (why is it that AMG’s write-ups rarely jibe with their ratings?).

Well, forget AMG. You give it your own rating. Here are three songs from Rabbit Fur Coat by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins:

[MP3] Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins – “The Charging Sky” EXPIRED
[MP3] Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins – “Rabbit Fur Coat” EXPIRED
[MP3] Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins – “Born Secular” EXPIRED

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