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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Andy Partridge/Fuzzy Warbles

Andy Partridge of XTC fame recently compiled an entire musical life of outtakes, alt takes, and unreleased takes into an eight-disc set titled The Fuzzy Warbles. As I understand it, this was originally only available through his website as a British import (and it cost an ungodly sum).

Well, this past weekend, a co-worker and co-lover of XTC stumbled upon the set at Border’s. He happened to have a 20% off coupon on him so he decided to make the investment. He was kind enough to share volume one with me – and I’m now being kind enough to share it (or some of it, anyway) with you.

Now, volume one boasts a whopping nineteen tracks, which puts the entire collection in the vicinity of 150 songs. The obvious conclusion: There’s a lot o’ frivolous filler here. That said, there’s also some really good shite too (well, at least in volume one). To me, it sounds like later-years XTC. See (or hear) what you think:

[MP3] Andy Partridge – “Dame Fortune” EXPIRED
[MP3] Andy Partridge – “Born out of Your Mouth” EXPIRED
[MP3] Andy Partridge – “Goosey Goosey” EXPIRED

[MP3] Andy Partridge – “That Wag” (Andy goofin’ in the studio – worth a listen for his send-ups of the Cure, the Smiths, and Dylan) EXPIRED
[MP3] Andy Partridge – “That Wave” (the resulting song) EXPIRED


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