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"Water all around...never learn how to swim now." This site is devoted to great alternative music. Like "Swingin' Party" by the Replacements from which the aforementioned lyrics hail. These posts are intended to introduce visitors to bands that I believe deserve greater attention. If you wish to have an MP3 removed, email me at zotzedwriter@yahoo.com.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Five fer Friday VIII

[MP3] The Hong Kong – "Tongue Tied" EXPIRED
New wave, Blondie-like pop from another blondie-led band.

[MP3] Elvis Costello – "Radio, Radio (Live on SNL)" EXPIRED
Thanks to Franz for this one – he also shared this YouTube link to the circa-1979 performance.

[MP3] Elvis Costello – "Mystery Dance" EXPIRED
This is for Senap who bemoaned the fact that I left it off the My Aim Is True post (okay, no more Costello for a while, promise)

[MP3] Tim Armstrong – "Hold On"
From Armstrong's forthcoming solo disc – much mellower than Rancid and the Transplants.

[MP3] Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – "Whatever Happened to My Rock 'n' Roll" EXPIRED
Dirty, grungy 70s rock from the BRMC.


At 1:29 PM, Anonymous Senap said...

Thanx Kent!
Your blog is probably the one that best suits my taste in music.
Thanx also for the Briggs post (brilliant album, gave me the same euphoric feeling that I've got from Never mind the bollocks in 1977 and for "...and out come the wolves" in '95)
Maybe it's time to bang the drum for the old bastard Ian Dury? Sweet Gene Vincent?
Anyway, Keep it up!!

At 3:50 PM, Blogger Kent said...

Thanks. I love the Briggs disc too. Every song's a kicker.



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