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Monday, November 20, 2006


When Paul Westerberg was with the Replacements, there were only a handful of songs I didn’t love. Since he left the Mats, there’s only a handful I don’t hate. And most of this handful come from his alter-ego efforts as Grandpaboy.

In general, the Grandpaboy work is far more rockin’, far less maudlin, and altogether cleverer and funnerer than the tunes he’s released under his own name. It’s as if the Grandpaboy moniker distances Westerberg from the “artist” label he seems to take far too seriously – and, oddly, it gets him much closer to art.

The following three tracks are from his self-titled Grandpaboy EP:

[MP3] Grandpaboy – “Hot Un” EXPIRED
[MP3] Grandpaboy – “Psychopharmacology” EXPIRED
[MP3] Grandpaboy – “Homelessexual” EXPIRED

BONUS (here’s a non-Grandpaboy solo track I love):
[MP3] Paul Westerberg – “It’s a Wonderful Lie” EXPIRED

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