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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


If the Clash had stuck it out and stuck to their punk roots, they’d sound a lot like Rancid. Led by HellCat Records co-founder Tim Armstrong, Rancid carries on the Clash torch of ska-fueled, punk-fired rock. They rank as one of my two or three favorite modern-day punk bands – mainly because each of their releases sounds fresh and not refried.

BUT HERE’S THE BIG, BIG, BIG NEWS: Tim Armstrong is in-studio recording a solo disc. He posted a couple tracks on the HellCat site, which you can download here. If you read Armstrong’s post next to the tracks, he announces that the next Rancid album will be given away *FREE* as a thank-you to fans. It will be available for download at the HellCat site.

Wow. Apparently, Rancid also carries on the Clash torch of thumbing their noses at commercialism in the rock industry.

Armstrong doesn’t say when the disc will be available. But to give you an aural taste of what to expect, here are some of my favorite Rancid tunes.

From Out Come the Wolves (1995):
[MP3] Rancid – “Junkie Man” EXPIRED
[MP3] Rancid – “The War’s End” EXPIRED

From Indestructible (2004):
[MP3] Rancid – “Indestructible” EXPIRED (note the ref to Clash-frontman Joe Strummer)
[MP3] Rancid – “Otherside” EXPIRED (about the death of Rancid-member Lars Frederiksen’s brother)

From Life Won’t Wait (1998):
[MP3] Rancid – “Hooligans” EXPIRED
[MP3] Rancid – “Cash, Culture and Violence” EXPIRED

Now buy some Rancid – they’re giving you an album for free!


At 4:39 PM, Blogger Jim H said...

If the Clash had stuck it out and stuck to their punk roots, they’d sound a lot like Rancid.

Sharp intake of breath.

At 9:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool blog, man. I kind of ended up here on accident, but I am glad I did.

At 4:16 PM, Blogger Kent said...

>>Sharp intake of breath<<

Not saying that Rancid is as groundbreaking as the Clash, mate, just that they have a similar sound.


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