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Monday, November 06, 2006

The Briggs

The moment I heard the Briggs sing "I wouldn't be so paranoid if the world wasn't out to get me," I knew I had to do a post on them. Ha! What a great lyric. You'll find it below in "My Own Enemy," which appears on the band's 2006 Back to Higher Ground disc.

The Briggs are SoCal rockers who hail from The Clash school of punk. Rancid is another influence I hear – so much so that I originally guessed they were on Rancid-frontman Tim Armstrong's HellCat Records label (wrong - they're on Side One Dummy).

But why read what I think when you can hear for yourself? Without further adieu....The Briggs.

[MP3] The Briggs - "My Own Enemy" EXPIRED
[MP3] The Briggs - "Song of Babylon" EXPIRED
[MP3] The Briggs - "Blacklist" EXPIRED

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